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Flowering mint

Yep that’s right! Our mint plant has flowered! Not only that but it also has visitors! I wasn’t aware that they flowered but I should’ve expected it as our Oregano plant did the same…

A step up…

After literally lusting after one of these I now have one. The Silvia by Rancilio is regarded by many that know as the best home use espresso machine. It makes a bloody good espresso with a more than generous crema. Obviously a decent grinder and quality beans are essential too.

End of an Era

Thank you Frank for so many memories. You made the difference so many times. We will miss you but best of luck for whatever’s next. Hope to see you back with Chelsea one day… ‪#‎cfc‬ ‪#‎superfrank‬ ‪#‎lampard‬ ‪#‎lamps‬ ‪#‎chelseafc‬